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Weather forecast for places

Short term weather forecast for bigger places in Slovenija, which doesn't reflect the currect condition of the weather, but only predicts it. Forecast for individual place is selected out of 3 hour forecast intervals for Slovenian regions. Forecast is selected from an interval, which is closest to the current time and from region, which is geographicaly closest to the selected location. Weather type(icon) and temperature, which is rounded to the closest integer, is displayed for each forecast. For detailed weather forecast and state click on the location's icon.

Water temperatures

Temperature for biggest Slovenian rivers, lakes and sea. Temperatures are gathered from measurements of the automatic hydrological stations and are rounded to a nearest integer. Some waters have more stations, but are left out for a clearer display. For more details on an individual river and it's stations with additional information(water level, flow) click on a river or it's station.

Small flow
Medium flow
Large flow
Warning flow

Snow height

Snow height for locations in Slovenia, expressed in centimeters. Data is gathered from automatic weather stations, which regularly update every 10 minutes. For Slovenia more weather stations exist, but some of the don't have information about snow height, so they are left out.

Interesting daily statistical data